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“This has got to be the most imbecilic thing ever conceived. I am starting to lose faith in our employer.”

“Oh, don’t be such a baby,” She said, practically skipping as they walked through the strange forest,” You need me, besides, don’t tell me you don’t love my company.”

He grumbled a few curse words, comforting himself with the daydream of strangling the girl as he took a few steps to the side. The forest was thick and full of strange sounds, odd clinking and metallic tinkling along with tones and hums in the wind set him on edge, the wind blowing through the trees in sporadic bouts. The sun shone brightly through empty spots in the thick canopy, but offered little comfort. To top it off, he hadn’t seen a single creature since they entered the wood, just deserted like the camp. It still bugged him that he didn’t know how he got there. The girl swore she was just told where to find him, but he refused to trust someone like her.The forest was far from the comforting woods he explored in his youth, and he hated it more with every step.

“F***ing magic,” he mumbled, resisting the urge to burn down the entire thing.

The girl began happily humming some strange tune as she led the way, joyfully swaying to the music.

“Dance with me!” she said, twirly to John, her hands held out.

“Go to hell.” he responded, his face stone.

“What is wrong with you, you are never any fun!” She said, her face showing exaggerated hurt.

“Thats the plan.”

The girl threw her hands in the air and scoffed and continued onward, skipping and humming.

They continued on in silence for a few minutes before John spoke
“You haven't even got a map, and I see no obvious trail, how in hell do you know where you are going?”

“Calm down and enjoy the walk, honey,” she said, smiling slyly,” I always know where I am going.”

“Well pick up the pace. The sooner I get to this town, the sooner I can get my provisions and the sooner we can end this.” and the sooner I can throw you off a bridge, he thought.

“But aren't you having fun?” She responded playfully,” It’s such a beautiful day, enjoy-” the look he gave her silenced her fairly quickly.
“Ok, jeez, its not much further. Just stop being on such an edge, we are gonna have to get along somehow.”
He still wondered why and hated the fact that the witch had to come along and “keep track of the parameters and assets.” Yes, he didn’t know the strange land or had any idea where to go, but it wasn’t the first time he was lost in a strange land. Albeit not a magic land, where a compass didn’t exactly work. Yes, he didn’t know who or what he would encounter here, but he was almost sure he could handle it. Yet he was still stuck with the most annoying creature ever conceived. Maybe this was hell.

The leaves and sticks crunched under his boots as they continued on in much needed silence. Suddenly, the wood gave way to a large stone wall with a weathered, studded oak door. The wall went on strait as far as  he could see between the trees in either direction. The large stone brick were covered in aging green moss, sprouting from the cracks.

“Here we are,” she said happily, moving to the door. She reached in her satchel, pulling out a large iron key and placing it in the door lock, turning it. There was a distinct sound of heavy tumblers turning, and the key began to spin on its own, slowly at first then faster. John watched on in mild interest. The key slowly ceased its movement as the sounds of cogs and clicking stopped. She reached out, took the key, and stood back. The entire door began sinking into the ground revealing a long tunnel.

“Pretty cool, huh?” she said, walking in.

“Seems extremely unnecessary, all that work to move a door into the ground when a few hinges and lock would serve the same purpose.”

She scoffed,” Its comments like That that label you as having no imagination.”

The tunnel was as narrow as the doorway, made out of the same mossy stone, with only a faint light ahead keeping their surroundings from being completely black. He simply fell in step behind her as they continued on.

"You know, you don't ask many questions," she said, looking back over her shoulder at him.


"Like why you were chosen for this job, why he brought you here, why-"

"I don't like asking questions i don't want to know the answer to., and you weren’t exactly helpful with the single one I did ask. Anyway, do you even know?"

"No, not really-"


"Well, what about all the other stuff? You'd think most people would want to know more about this strange, magic world they just entered. I mean, aren't you even curious about the town we're are about to enter?"

"Well I'm not like most people." he grumbled." I've had enough magic, I could care less how it works or what this damned realm is. "

"Seriously?' She said, talking excitedly," When i first got here, I couldn't stop marveling at everything! The way fire could be spit from thin air, the healing powers of things, how nothing is as it seems, and all the creatures and races!, oh, yea, you haven't seen those yet."

"Other races?!" he said with a groan. So the rumors were true, there were intelligent beasts. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that the town wasn't going to be a human town. He hadn't expected it to be full of normal people, more  like strange witches and heathens, but it didn't cross his mind he would have to deal with them.

"Of course, and they will NOT be happy to know you're a full fledged human, so try to keep a low profile."

"I plan to."

"Good, finally something you agree to." she said, smiling gleefully as always

The tunnel brought them out into an alleyway in between two cobblestone buildings. Lights showed behind curtained windows, and he smelled cooking, an unfamiliar spice lingering in the air. He could see a the stars and night sky in between the rooftops, smoke slowing flowing out of a chimney.

'What the hell" he said, looking up at the sudden change from sunny woodland to starry night.

"Yea, like i said, nothing is as it seems here, but we did travel a far way."

'No we didn't, I can still see-" he stopped himself, turning back to the tunnel entrance to reveal simply a stone wall."Shit, I hate Magic!"

"Be quiet! In case you hadn't noticed, we took a discreet way to this place, so act natural."
He sighed, resigning to the mumbo jumbo.

"Fine, now where do we go next."

"This way," she said as she motioned with her hand and walked down the alley. They turned a corner, moving to a well lit street. Carts full of random goods and passengers bustled down the cobbled streets, pulled by horses and strange, large animals he didn't want to look to closely at. Lanterns hung from the doorways of crowded inns and restaurants, "people" milling about on the sideways of the street and going about their business. The architecture was nothing all that new, cobblestone, brick, oak, with wood struts and whitewash that seemed not far off from humans. Besides for the occasional excessively tall, short, or disproportioned figure, he could almost imagine he was in a busy Forsthsmith town. How he hated Forsthmith.
The young witch reached in her satchel and pulled out a piece of parchment. "Ok, so we need travel equipment, shouldn't be too hard, just the usual tents and cooking suppli-"

"I KNOW how to travel, anything more specific?" he said, interrupting her.

"Jeeze, rude!" she said in annoyance," could you like, for once, be in a good mood. If I knew you were gonna be this much of a grump I wouldn't have taken the job-

"Just tell me what else we need!" he snapped.

"Fine! just medical stuff, potions, some stuff for me, clothes, and whatever you feel you need."

"Give me some coin, then, I'll get weapons and what I need, you can get the rest."

"Well shit, thaaaanks. And how are you gonna buy stuff? You don't even know it works here-

"I'll figure it out, witch, just give me some money. I've been across most of the known world, and traders are usually the same to outsiders, all slimy bastards, but i can handle it."

"You know what?!" she responded angrily, her normal cheerfulness evaporated. To be honest he was surprised it lasted as long."Maybe you'll get your sorry ass kicked, here!" She reached into her purse bag and threw a few coins at his face. To her surprise, he caught them expertly.

"Gahhh!" She yelled, stomping her foot in frustration. Yes, he didn't even know people actually did that out of books, but she did."Fine! , just meet me back here when you're done!" And with that, she spun around and stormed off as a small grin grew on his face. He took no shame in the satisfaction of pissing her off, there was little he actually enjoyed these days. He jingled the heavy coins in his hand. He wasn't sure what they were worth here, but they were worth a small fortune in any human city. If their patron was this loaded, he wondered briefly why he hadn't just ordered a transport to meet them with all they needed, or transport to their intended destination. Then again, nothing seemed to make sense here, and he resigned himself to not caring as he turned and started walking down the street and with the crowd.

He walked purposefully down the street, trying to avoid bumping into strangers as he searched for a familiar looking storefront. Finally, he spotted a sign with the familiar shape of a hammer and anvil in black and blue against an aging wooden sign hung haphazardly by bent and broken metal hinges above a doorway.


He pushed through the heavy studded door and into the musty shop. The interior was dimly lit, most of the light coming from a large cigar, resting in the mouth of an old large bearded man in typical blacksmith clothes, sitting in a chair behind the counter, head hung down and hat pushed low over his eyes. The few shelves behind the counter remained bear but for some pots and pans, a set of silverware, a few rusted daggers and and old greatsword. John waited a few seconds in silence before quickly wrapping on the worn oak counter. The man jerked upright with a grumble, moving his hat out of his eyes and looking at John for the first time. Or what he thought was looking at him, the man had bands of black cloth wrapped around his eyes and forehead.

"Wha yer want?"

"I'd like to buy a set of hunting and skinning knives, some cooking wares, scabbard, climbing hooks, musket balls, and a look at what you have in the way of heavy cutlery."

The old man laughed,"Well I'll be damned, it's been a while since someone like you has come in here, christain."

Damn, he thought, tensing up, ready to leap over and strangle the man.

"Don't worry, son, you're safe with me." said the old man," Just do a better job of hiding it next time."

"What did I do?" said John, still ready, his voice calm, looking into the black cloth.

"First of all, no one but our kind asks for musket balls, not normally used here. Second, you're clearly not from around her if you're shopping at my damn store!" he said, laughing again to himself.

"What do you mean, are you not a blacksmith?"

"Well of course I am, just those damn elves have practically ran me out of business! Good, cold steel isn't enough anymore!" he said, disdain in his tone," It needs to be fancy, and stylish, and have a bunch of useless ornamental shit on it! And they claim their metal has special qualities about it, like it will help witches conjure more and give you luck. Luck my ass! Its brittle as a Cladian's bones!"

"Well i guess it's good I came to you, then, I couldn't care less about that stuff. As long as its sturdy" said John, easing slightly," So can you give me what I asked for?"

"You're damn right its sturdy! and Yea, yea, give me a sec. I'll have to go to the back to get the recent stuff. Stopped putting it out cuz no one comes in anymore, what's the point, plus those glink bastards steal the stuff on display when I drift off." The old man turned and walked through a back doorway. John heard the familiar clinking of metal and some objects being moved about. Within a few minutes the old blacksmith had placed all john had asked for on the counter before going back one more time into the back and bringing out a large object wrapped in leather.

"You, son, look like a man who knows quality, so I'm gonna show you this beauty. Nothing fancy, mind you, but its the toughest and hardest steal you'll find this side of the abyss." He said, setting the object down and pulling back the leather, revealing a long, shining saber.
"Made this beauty as kinda a last hurrah sorta thing, was thinking about packing up shop, heading back to the normal world. Lord knows this one has taken enough from me, damn magic" The old man said, pointing to his covered eyes.

Indeed, John was impressed. All the equipment was indeed simple, but well built of thick tin, steel, and iron. "May I?" he asked, his hand hovering over the sword. The man nodded, and John picked up the sword, standing back to give some holding room. The blade wasnt that light, but felt perfectly balanced, and as he took a few sways and felt the weight in his hands, he felt a glint of happiness for the first time in a while. He gently set the weapon back down on the counter.

"You were not lying, its quite impressive. How much?"

"Depends." said the old man, smiling.

John waited a second, wondering if it was worth answering. "On what?"

"Well, you seem to be a man after my own heart, as in you seem to understand the value of good steel and as in you actually have a human heart like me," he said, chuckling at the last part," so you see, the sword is all yours, free, provided you do me a favor."

"And that favor is?"

"Well, if you're just passing through, and don't look like you'll be in town anytime soon, think you could pay a visit to our lovely, arrogant elvish bastard friends?"

John smiled, grabbing the sword and putting it in the scabbard on his belt. "Just point me in their direction."
Into the Deep (Working Title) Part 3
Ok, so here is the next part. If you find any errors, feel free to point them out. John gets annoyed! So original! So riveting! Ya, this wasn't exactly the interesting part I was talking about, but its on its way. Or i'm just lying that it gets interesting, and this is the best it is. Either way, the only way to know is to read on. 
His foot slowly moved forward, the glass crunching beneath his feet as he tried to keep steady. With effort, he moved the other foot in front, focusing all his will on simply walking, holding his chest tight. He just needed to make it.
One more step. one more step. one more step.
He grunted, clenching his teeth as he continued forward.
One more step. one more step. one more.
Finally, his energy gave out, and he slumped against the cold, polished marble floor. He had made it. With the last of his strength, he grabbed the ornate railing, propping himself up against it. He took heavy breaths, but the pain was slowly subsiding.  A cool, sea breeze flowed calmly across the grand balcony, the water spread out wide and grand before him as he looked out over it from behind the railing. It glistened blue, the setting sun casting long ribbons of pink and yellow across its magnificent expanse. He sat in quiet silence, enjoying it all. His breathing slowed,and no longer feeling pain, he let his arm fall to his side. Blood pooled around him, but he felt only the gentle breeze as he looked out into the sunseting across his ocean. Across his home. He could vaguely hear shouting and yelling from behind him, but didn’t care. It faded out, replaced by the rhythmic sound of crashing waves, and the slow whistle of a nearby lighthouse. The sea filled his view as his eyes slowly closed, his breathing slowing even more. With a last breath, he dipped gently into darkness.

* * *

The glow started low and soft, gradually growing, filling his vision with a warm, calm light.

“Everything is ok, now, honey,”

His eyes opened slowly, his vision fuzzy and his senses numb.

Gold. Gold filled his view.
He vaguely registered the feeling of a hand on his cheek, and his vision gradually cleared slightly, the gold turned into the form of a woman with blond hair, looking down into his eyes with a smile.

“You’re in good company now. Here, drink this.”

He could feel the cold glass of a flask being pushed to his lips, liquid flowing down his throat. It was light, almost like breathing. It filled his stomach and lungs with a chilling sensation sensation, seeming to flow through his veins and limbs. With it, it brought the sensation of being lighter, filling his muscles with strength. With a large breath, air filled his lungs and he quickly rolled over to his side, heaving back up the liquid. The woman held out a bucket underneath his head as the liquid rushed out. His vision became clear as he looked into the bucket full of glowing blue liquid that he had just vacated from his body, aching and soreness coming back with the rest of his senses.

“Shit. Magic”
The words escaped his mouth in a mumble. He slumped once more on his back, blinking his eyes to adjust to the sudden clarity and holding his head in annoying ache.

“Sit up for me, darling.” she said sweetly.
He hefted himself up and she brought her face close, looking into his eyes as she cleaned his face with a cloth.

“How you feeling?”

As his eyes focused, he finally looked at her clearly. The young woman was strikingly beautiful, bright golden blond hair and stark green eyes. He leaned back, away from her, pushing her hand away.

“Where am I?” he said sternly, starting to struggle to stand. The young woman pushed him back down easily, gently grabbing his shoulders.

“You’re still week, sweetie, stay put.”

As he slumped back down, he felt a sharp pain through his chest. His shirt was unbuttoned, and he pulled it back to reveal a tight bandage wrapped around his chest.

“Where am I?” he repeated, looking around him and his surroundings. he appeared to be lying on a straw mat underneath a large tarp tent. He had seen large tents like these before used for field hospitals. Indeed, about 30 other straw mats were arranged in rows on either side of him, and the place smelled of chemicals and death. Still, bright sunlight streamed in through small holes in the tarp, showing a clear blue sky, the tent lit up with yellow light as the sun shone through it.

“You are in a safe place,” the girl said, smiling and touching his arm.

“That’s not what I meant,” he said, pulling back. “What is this place, destination, location.”

“You are so serious, aren’t you.” she said playfully, pushing her hair behind her ear.”We are in a different land than you are used to, and you are weak, lay back down.”
He once again struggled to rise to his feet, his limbs gaining new strength.

“Thats not what I said!” she spoke, concern and fear on her face.
He got to his feet and stepped back, reeling slightly as his vision filled with white spots.

“Really, you should sit dow-”

“Are you some kind of witch?”, he said, backing away a bit more as he gained his footing.

“Well aren’t you perceptive, honey, though witch is such a strong word.”

“Son of a B*tch.” he said, grimacing.

She rolled her eyes. “You know, most people would give a thank you to the beautiful girl who just saved their life.”

” Well you certainly think highly of yourself, heathen.” he scoffed, “ Now, answer my damn question.”

“Heathen!, so you are one of those,” She said, still smiling,” I’ll get you around to the normal way of thinking, honey, and you’ll ditch those outdated foolish thoughts soon enough. What power do you think just saved your life?”

‘Well, if it brought me back, it certainly wasn’t of the righteous, witch. Now answer my question, where am I?!” he said, his annoyance turning to anger.

“Well aren’t you just a cheery one!,” she said. Every word she spoke remained happy and bubbly.” You are here because you were saved. You’re welcome by the way, now, my order has-”
“Your order? So you’re one of those. Figures.” He interrupted. For the first time, he caught a flash of annoyance in her eyes.

“What do you mean, one of those? Yes, I belong to an order, and my order provides much needed services-”

“Some less moral than others”

“Oh, don’t be on such a high horse, what we do is what makes the world go round. We take care of things, from healing people to taking care of a few bad men with enemies willing to pay. in the end, the world is a better place.”

“And some taken care of more comfortably than others, you know what I meant. Yes, i have heard of your pagan ‘order’”

“I have no idea what you mean,” She said innocently and kindly.

“Drop the damn act, wench, there was a purpose I’m here and it wasn’t for conversation, why did you ‘save’ me. ”

“You have quite the way with the ladies, don’t you sweetie?” she said, giggling to herself. “A girl can’t just want to talk to a handsome guy?”

He clenched his fists, anger welling.
“Enough games.”

“Can’t you just be a bit more cordial? You haven’t even asked my name yet-”

He exploded.
“JUST TELL ME YOU VILE WICH! Why did you curse me to bring me back! I was done! I was finally done! It was over!”
He stopped himself, seeing the girl’s confused and frightened reaction. He tried to calm himself, his feet now steady as he began pacing.

“Jeeze, what is wrong with you?”

He stopped passing back and forth, turning to look at the girl in the eyes. He sighed, hanging his head, hand on his forehead.
“look, I’ve been through a lot lately, I’m just a little surprised and irritated to wake up with a magical hooker telling me I still can’t be left alone.”
He blocked the incoming slap expertly with his right hand, still looking down and rubbing his temples with his left.
“How dare you call me that, swine! Let go of me!”
He looked up at her, interrupting her.
“Am I wrong? Now, just tell me a straight answer to why I am here.I have nothing left to give, so basically, what job needs to be done.”
She wrenched her hand away angrily and pulled back, her kindness gone.
“Damn, you are a sour one, no fun at all. Maybe I’ll just keep that to myself, your attitude like that.”
He took a deep breath, calming himself.
“I’ll just walk out, I doubt you could stop me. I have no idea where I am, but I’ll figure it out,” he said, tuning toward the entrance to the tarp tent. There was shock in her eyes as she ran in front of him.
“Wait, wait, fine, you called my bluff, I’ll tell you.”
He was equally surprised.
“You mean I can actually just go? Where is the rest of your order?”
She bit her lip, looking down and seeming nervous.
“I may have done this outside of the normal channels.”
He stared blankly at her, waiting for a hint of lying.Realizing she was telling the truth, he burst out laughing.
“Boy, are you in a pile of shit, can’t imagine why, but means I’m free,” he said, pushing past her and towards the tarp flap exit.
“Wait, wait! There is a job for you! He said he could pay-”
“Don;t care” he pushed back the tarp, revealing a large meadow, a cool breeze brushing his face. The meadow was populated with other similarly deserted tents and fire pits, a full empty campsite. On the edges of the meadow in the treeline of a thick forest, he could see small, colored floating lights.
She quickly grabbed his arm as he walked outside.
“You’ll never find your way back. You’ll get lost in the Olrais!”
He pushed her away and continued walking.
“That’s the plan.” he responded sternly.
“But he said he can get you back to her!”
He stopped mid step, suddenly spinning around and facing her.
“I don’t care what you were told about me, but after what's been done, what I’ve done, not a single thing could fix that end. I’ve lost, and all I wanted was an end to it all!” he yelled to her face as she reeled back. “You see, I don;t want happiness, not even peace, just to have my soul burned off and destroyed forever so I simply don’t have to be! I made my restitution for at least that, just leave me.”
He stopped, slowing his breathing as he tried to calm himself. The simple look of smugness on the girl’s face.

“Looks like I’ve got some information that might cheer up your day.”
A smile spread slowly across her face,

He could feel his anger rising again.
“No. More. Games.” he said through gritted teeth.

“You own the fiend nothing, your girl fulfilled her bet. It’s what I’ve been told”
He stood there as his brain reeled to accept this new information. Suddenly, he turned away, his voice low.

“Good for her. Glad I didn’t ruin that. Hope they're happy, didn't know the buffoon had it in him.”
She just started laughing. Her laugh was like a bell, but it only furthered his irritation.

What to do now?
It didn't change much. He held no illusions that he would go to paradise when he died, but simply left him with confusion. A soul was such a strange thing to have. For once, his path was unclear, and he felt even more defeated.
“Please, just shut up.”
“No, you imbecile, it was fulfilled for you.”

He froze in place, thinking.

“What is this job, then?”

“Just something I’ve been told is perfect for your skills.”

* * *
Into the Deep (Working Title) Part 2
Well, here is part two. Yes, it is confusing as all hell, but that is kind of the point right now. All answers will be questioned soon, and whatnot. Like previously said, it gets more interesting soon. I kinda promise. 
Finally got the feeling to post something that I wrote. Its mediocre at best, but hey, so is one direction, and they seem pretty rich. Gonna see how it goes. So, uhh, expect more. I still don't know what lama badges are/do, but I'm still happy to take them. 


Ryan Viel
United States
[EDIT:Hello, those who stumble across my page. If I found your work awesome and commented an/or favorited your stuff, and you are looking to return the favor, it's cool. Really, don't bother. Most of all my things on here were written when i was in middle school, and are quite hilariously mediocre. I simply keep this account to keep track of cool artwork, and haven't posted any of my own in quite some time. While my poor writing skills have increased somewhat in the last 4 years, there is really nothing worth posting, so continue on with your day. I will, however, be happy to take all the lama badges you are willing to give. i have no idea what they mean, or what to do with them, but I find them amusing.]

I don't claim to be an artist, and in short, I am just another 16 (Edit: now 17)(Edit: Now 18) year old trying to find out what in the world i am good at. I dont really expect many people to see my stuff, I only do something worth seeing once in a blue moon. I like to write short stories about different places, and if i can scrape up a picture for it, then I will. it is kinda ironic that the one talent i seem to have a little of is writing, and I can hardly spell. Also, All I favorite is basically cars, landscapes, team fortress and disney fanart, so why is all the recommended art mlp and anime pinups that quite frankly terrify me?

Favourite genre of music: Classic rock
Operating System: Pc, macs scare me
Wallpaper of choice: A pinapple
Personal Quote: Written by an arrogant person who claims to be humble, and a stupid teenager who claims to be wise
Finally got the feeling to post something that I wrote. Its mediocre at best, but hey, so is one direction, and they seem pretty rich. Gonna see how it goes. So, uhh, expect more. I still don't know what lama badges are/do, but I'm still happy to take them. 

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